Enjoy your Bible Christian Living Course

What you will learn

  • How to develop my relationship with God.
  • How to develop my relationship with other Christians.
  • How to be of service to God.
  • What help is available.

Who should do this course

This course is aimed at Christians who want to know more about how to grow in their Christian life.

Course contents

The Christian Living Course is split up into 11 sections, each section is marked seperately before you proceed to the next section.

  • The importance of studying the Bible
  • Prayer (Part 1)
  • Prayer (Part 2)
  • Sharing our faith with others
  • 'good works', 'dead works' and 'evil works'
  • Meeting Together as Christians
  • Christian Worship
  • Gifts (Part 1)
  • Gifts (Part 2)
  • Waiting (Part 1)
  • Waiting (Part 2)

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