Christian Living Course

Learn what the Bible says about how to to live as a Christian.

This is a course for Christians of all ages who either desire to live as a Christian or who want to get a better understanding of this topic. You will learn important topics such as praying, sharing your faith and waiting for Jesus' return.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at Christians who want to know more about how to grow in their Christian life.




The Christian Living Course is split up into 11 sections, each section is reviewed separately before you proceed to the next section.

Learn what the Bible says about:

  • Bible study and prayer
  • The life of a Christian and sharing our faith
  • Meeting together as Christians and spritual gifts
  • Waiting for Jesus' return

Why do our courses?

What makes Enjoy Your Bible courses so much different?

Discover the Bible yourself

We want to help connect you with the Bible, as this is how God speaks to us. The questions require you to open the Bible, consider the meaning behind the words and discover for yourself what God is saying in the passage. Our role is simply to point you in the right direction, check your understanding and answer any questions.

We are not just another video site

We don't just want you to scroll through video content of people’s opinions, whether they be right or wrong. We want to help you discover the Bible for yourself rather than teach you what we think it means!

Personalised feedback and guidance

Our reviewers look over your answers and provide personal feedback on each answer, as well as answering any questions you may have. Our reviewers are here to help you, and we are prepared to take whatever time is needed to help you understand.

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