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Bible Courses

For Christians the Bible is no ordinary book. It is a message written by God to every one of us, a message from the Creator to His creation.

Jesus said that His words were ‘spirit and life’. The Bible is said to be alive; for the Christian it is described as food, something to live from. How can a book be alive? How can words be food? But these are no idle claims.

These Bible Courses have been set up to help you to better understand God’s message to you, whether you are new to the Bible or have been a Christian for many years. We trust that through these courses you can learn more of what it really is to ‘enjoy your Bible’ and as a result get to know better the Person that is revealed in it; the Lord Jesus Christ.

For any who are more comfortable with German than English, we can recommend the Bible courses run by our friends at www.gottbesserkennenlernen.de


Latest courses

Basic Bible Course

The place to get started! Find answers in the Bible to questions like ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘How can I be right with God?’ and many more…

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Christian Living Course

How does the Christian life actually work? How do I live as a Christian? Find out here!

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Romans Course

A good knowledge of Romans is vital to growing as a Christian. Get a hold of this book and you are in a strong position!

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